Helping Owners

One of our primary roles is to enhance your life by helping you protect and grow your asset. Hence, we start our relationship from a place that is deeply rooted in showing that we value, care and respect you as a significant contributor to your owners corporation. Because people matter…

It does not matter the reason you are visiting us today.

Current strata management service isn’t up to scratch? Perhaps they’re too costly, slow to respond, or simply treat you as a number.

Or it could be the case you’re worried about your knowledge gaps when it comes to legislation and obligations as an owner.

No matter the reason, we can help.

Here at PSM, we’ve developed a number of service commitments that clearly show you why we differ from other strata management companies.

These include :

  • Taking the time to understand your property wants and needs
  • Both growing and protecting your asset
  • Helping plug your legislative knowledge gaps
  • Being upfront about our service fees so you can rest assured of getting your money's worth
  • Offering you a service with a deep 'people focus'
  • Providing you with best-in-class management technology to make your life easier

As a lot owner, you’ll also benefit from our ‘one-service’ provider offering, with multiple services under one umbrella. It’s our way of simplifying the property management process. In addition, we work directly and collaboratively with owner’s corporations and their strata committees, so your concerns are addressed and resolved sensitively and quickly. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Arranging property maintenance
  • Conducting meetings
  • Preparing & distributing meeting notices & minutes
  • Maintaining strata records according to current legislation
  • Submitting insurance claims
  • Serving by-law compliance notices
  • Handling enquiries on your behalf
  • Fire compliance
  • Mediation & NCAT matters

Other Services