High rise pooches
Across Australia, an estimated 63% of households own some kind of pet with 53% owning a dog and/or cat – …
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Special levy shock syndrome (SLSS)
Special levies are dreaded by most strata property owners. However, it is important to understand that they are raised to …
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Concrete Cancer
Concrete spalling is often termed concrete cancer. Its main symptom is concrete flaking from the surface of the affected area …
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Tenant Representative
Under the new reforms to the NSW strata legislation, tenants are able to nominate one tenant representative for the Strata …
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Building Certification Under the Blowtorch
The New South Wales Government is finally biting the bullet on rewriting the Building Professionals Act, the law governing the …
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Strata Renewal Plan – NSW
Currently, the law enables the termination of a strata scheme only with a unanimous consent by all owners. With the …
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