5 steps to choosing a plant
A 5 step guide to choosing plants for your apartment
There’s no need to give up a love of gardening (or shy away from cultivating one) just because you live …
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How to keep fit in a small apartment
Apartment living offers many advantages, but when it comes to exercising inside, it can be a little challenging.
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Town Hall Outbreak – Legionnaires Disease
NSW Health authorities suspect an infected cooling tower located around Town Hall Station is responsible for the outbreak of Legionnaires …
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Building certifiers under the gun
Owners corporations and strata managers have the potential to benefit from two recent decisions in Victoria and New South Wales …
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Getting Properly Cladded
Non-compliant building materials have emerged as a significant issue for Strata Schemes and Owners Corporations to manage after the Lacrosse …
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Where Do the Inspectors Come From?
But one key reform, the building defects bond scheme, has been deferred until the middle of next year. It appears …
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