Levy Notices

Refer to the reverse side of your levy notice for payment options.
In accordance with the relevant legislation funds for the upkeep of common property are raised through levies on owners. A lot owner is required to contribute to the administrative and sinking funds, in order to meet expenses which include water and electricity charges for common areas, building and public liability insurance, and repairs or maintenance of common property. All schemes raise a regular strata levy, usually collected quarterly. The money collected is deposited into the scheme’s trust account and is then used to fund the day to day and capital expenses of the property. Perpetual Strata Management will prepare and distribute levy notices to owners via post or email, as requested. Perpetual Strata Management uses Macquarie Bank payment services for processing strata levy payments.
Online Payment Options
To use Macquarie Bank’s DEFT online payment option, click on the DEFT logo. deft

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