Perpetual Strata Management has an afterhours emergency hotline, which is attended 24 hours a day.

If a client is experiencing a genuine emergency, Owners should call the hotline on:
1300 330 228 and provide clear details of your emergency. Details should include:

  • full name
  • unit number and building name or address.
  • phone number
  • the nature of the emergency.

If all the above details are not provided, action cannot be taken.

All tenants must refer emergencies to their Landlord or Property Agent/Manager.

If the Agent or Property Manager cannot be contacted, tenants can exercise their right under their Residential Tenancy Agreement for genuine emergencies only.

Please note that after hours emergency fees do apply to this service. Therefore, a committee member can arrange the emergency after hours contractor themselves and call or email the office during the next business day to advise any action taken.

What constitutes an emergency?
Some examples of emergencies may include:

  • Fire – please call 000 first.
  • Threats to personal safety – please call 000 first.
  • a burst water pipe where water gushes out throughout the property
  • a burst or blocked sewer with biowaste entering living space or common areas

Some examples that are NOT emergencies:

  • a tenant dropping their keys down the lift shaft.
  • an occupant locking themselves out.
  • someone having a party and its interrupting your sleep.
  • a barking dog.
  • power has tripped in a unit.
  • someone parking in the wrongcarspace.

As a general rule, an emergency usually impacts more than one property, a common areas or access points such as lifts and doors.

Any issues that do not relate to a genuine emergency will be returned during the normal course of business.

Please note: Should any owner or tenant choose to arrange a contractor after hours,they will be responsible for paying that tradesperson. If the repair is a genuine common property matter, the committee will consider reimbursement.

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